The Google Play Books service now allows the user to download their own books.

    For a long time already, news about the Google Play Books service , a platform that allows you to buy books, plus reading some of them for free, has not been published on Habré . In this case, all user data (bookmarks, last page read, etc.) are synchronized on all user devices that use Google Play Books. Fans of reading can be satisfied: the developers released an update that added the ability to download their own books, which, accordingly, appear on all user devices.

    You can download a limited number of books, but the restriction is quite decent - it is 1000 books / documents. It seems that this number of books is enough to create your own virtual library. Downloadable books must be in EPUB or PDF format, plus it is possible to import books already saved in your Google Drive account. The size of the downloaded book / document should not exceed 50 MB.

    You can read downloaded books either using a specialized application for Android and iOS, or through a browser on a desktop PC / laptop / netbook. As mentioned above, all data will be synchronized on all user devices.

    Of course, there are cons. For example, you cannot save books from Google Play Books, making them available locally. You cannot read them in any other way, only through the Google Books mobile app and browser.

    But there are more pros than cons. Among other things, it is worth noting the updated service interface, which looks somewhat more convenient to use than before.


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