Sony showed flexible E-Ink panels that can be written on paper

    The Japanese showed in a really interesting device that differs from most analogs in its physical characteristics - a flexible panel on electronic ink, which can be written on with a special stylus almost like on paper.

    The prototype of the future device shown has dimensions similar to the A4 format (i.e. 210x297 mm), weighs 358 grams and has a thickness of 6.8 mm; The display resolution is 1200x1600 pixels. The technology is based on Sony's proprietary technology of flexible electronic paper, which is achieved by installing the screen not in glass panels, but in flexible transparent plastic, which automatically removes another drawback of conventional tablets - the fragility of the display.

    But - most importantly - with the help of a special stylus on the device, you can write the same way as they write on ordinary paper with an ordinary pen (in the sense of a course of action, of course); screen resolution allows you to see what is written clearly, you can evaluate it on video under the cut. The device eliminates false positives according to a simple principle - if you touch the bottom of the palm with a small pillow on the screen, the device believes that only stylus touches should be processed. Otherwise, all the advantages of the touch screen, of course, are preserved. With the autonomy of the device, too, everything is fine - it is indicated that the battery is capable of supporting its operation for three weeks.

    Sony is planning a commercial release of its development during this year. As for the price, nothing definite is yet known, but you can quite safely notice that the limit of usability of electronic paper has really been reached. You can look at how the device works - the writing process is shown in close-up - you can see it on the video under the cut.

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