Afterparty Google I / O is served by a robot bartender (some photos + videos)

    Yes, on Habré a couple of times the news was published about robotic bartenders who do an excellent job. We must think that after a while such devices will appear in ordinary bars and restaurants (possibly as an assistant for a human bartender). In the meantime, bartender robots serve visitors to technology exhibitions and press conferences. At the after-party Google I / O, event participants were entertained and watered by Makr Shakr , an interactive robot bartender.

    The principle of operation of the device is quite simple:

    1. Order a drink through the use of a mobile application;
    2. Cocktail ingredients are added through a dispenser;
    3. The "arm" of the robot adds the necessary elements of a cocktail, such as a lemon, or mixes a cocktail;
    4. The drink is sent to the person who ordered it on the conveyor.

    Of course, for the convenience of the "client", the progress of the preparation of the drink is shown on the display in real time. You can see how many people are waiting in line for you, the approximate waiting time for the order, plus a notification of readiness.

    Among other things, you can see which drinks are most popular among customers. The customer can also offer cocktail improvement, if necessary.

    The most interesting thing is that the Makr Shakr project itself does not aim to replace the human bartenders. The goal is a little different: to study the influence of technology on some elements of social life that are familiar to us, such as visiting a bar.

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