Is it possible to engage in truly profitable business in the regions

    By a truly profitable business, I mean one that will start to make a profit in the first 2-3 months. And no more than in a year will generate a net profit of at least 100 thousand rubles. in the pocket of its owner.

    We are located in Barnaul and are engaged in website promotion and therefore we see a lot of different businesses from the inside - how they work, how profitable they are and so on. Moreover, since our task is to make them more profitable than they are now, we know even more details than anyone else, because we often compare data before we get to work and after it.

    Small business or some new project often lives on the brink of payback - Barnaul is not a very solvent city compared to Novosibirsk or Moscow. If you organized a business, this does not mean that the market will bring you to wealth. In Moscow, maybe. Everything is going on much more actively there, but in Barnaul it’s not a fact, you have to flounder, perhaps for a long time.

    Example: a friend went to work in Novosibirsk, says heaven and earth. In Barnaul, you are calling someone with a cool offer, they say, let's cooperate, we can give you good conditions. And they answer in the receiver - we do not need anything, we are all right. And in Novosibirsk right away “Come on, come on, show what you have, let's see!”. Barnaul is not very active in business terms.

    So what to do? The options are. For a new project, all of them are possible only if the market is not oversaturated:
    • To do something that others cannot. On the example of my neighbor - to organize the production of insulation for pipes. Not everyone has several million investments. But if you take a loan, it will return quickly. Of course, you need to know the market. Or here's another example - men are sitting in the office, doing something like (I went to them to negotiate a site). We discuss sales, marketing, and one of them sits and solves a strategic problem, send 50 or 60 archers to the attack. They found their niche, they are doing well. And then they bought a bitumen truck for testing. Even without a tractor, only a trailer (and for real money, not on lease, i.e. they had them). And he’s like let's bring grandmas to them. Well, they picked them up a few more. And they abandoned their previous business (also loose). Now the largest carrier of fuel and lubricants in Altai. In just a couple of years they have become like that.
    • Sell ​​something to other regions (do not rely on your city). In some cases, finding a buyer somewhere in Russia is easier than in Barnaul (if we talk about my city). Especially if the product is one that you are ready to order in other regions, then this is excellent! You can sell anything that is produced in Altai (for example, Altai honey is already a recognizable brand in itself), but there is also the option to bring something from China and sell it in Russia. My friend bought a machine for printing advertising banners. He was offered it for 1 million 200 thousand, and he directly from China cost 600 thousand. But not everyone will order directly from China.
    • Find a market where there is low competition and high demand. And hit the jackpot. But it’s hard to find one, although I’ve seen one. Perhaps the example of bitumen trucks can also be attributed here.
    • Do it right, not through the ass. A service like zappos, ingenious marketing, hiring people who want to do their job really well, etc ... It will work almost always. And if this is superimposed on other points, then it will work very cool.

    Although, by the way, often a business operates without profit due to completely different reasons. Sometimes you just need to calculate how much income is in it, and how many expenses and throw out unprofitable directions. It seems corny, but many often just laziness.

    Good luck! I hope everyone succeeds!

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