Kiev ITSM meetings


    The requirements and dependence of any business on IT services continues to grow. In this situation, it is extremely important that IT departments and organizations can increase their efficiency and the effectiveness of their services - this is the only way business can remain competitive, and the quality of services and products - high.
    ITSM says that it is necessary to improve services constantly and everyone is responsible for this. Few will argue with this, but what happens in practice when some urgent tasks replace others, both in the IT department and in the business itself? How to ensure constant compliance of IT services with standards, and not introduce changes after a critical incident or just before the arrival of the auditor?
    To answer these questions, as well as share knowledge and real experience in this field, we organized the ITSM-Days conference.
    The first event will be held on May 30, at 18:00, in the Chasopis coworking .

    Maxim Prokopov, Director and Founder of IT-Premium, will talk about the creation of a technical support service, as well as the implementation of a service approach to providing IT services. Yevgeny Safarov, head of the Kyivstar user support department, will reveal the best practices that are used to manage the IT-Service Desk and improve its effectiveness. Alexey Shchablevsky, Mac House IT Director, will share the features of creating the company's IT strategy and improving the IT infrastructure

    In addition to three reports, we prepared two games for learning to solve a number of difficulties and the opportunity for comfortable communication with colleagues.
    For participation questions, you can write in PM or through the form on the site.

    Details can be found on the event website or on Habré

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