Samsung successfully tested wireless at 1 GB / s

Original author: France Presse
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imageOn Monday, Samsung Electronics announced the successful testing of a new ultra-fast wireless data technology, compared to which the current LTE looks like a turtle from the Bronze Age. The new technology, which can get the fifth generation label (5G), will allow you to download an entire movie in one second. The South Korean giant said that in test trials a speed of over 1 gigabyte per second was achieved at a distance of more than two kilometers.

This is "several hundred times faster than existing 4G networks," the statement said. It is also added that this will allow “transferring huge data files, including high-quality digital films, with almost no limits ... Subscribers will be able to use a wide range of services, such as three-dimensional films and games, real-time streaming of Ultra HD content, remote medical services ".

Samsung said that they were able to use the waves in the millimeter range, which in the mobile industry has always been considered difficult to implement. In this case, 64 antennas were used, which made it possible to overcome the problem of “unfavorable propagation characteristics” that prevented the transmission of data over long distances.

Alas, getting rid of 4G phones and modems is too early. For commercial implementation, the new technology will not be ready until 2020, reports Business Insider with reference to France Presse.

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