Turn Google Search to face us

    A long time ago, in the search results on Google Search, there was a menu on the left, where you could configure search parameters with one click, for example, time limit (I often used this feature). But during the redesign - for some reason, it began to require 3 clicks:

    Hope that Google does not come to its senses - it remains to take matters into their own hands. While userscripts.org is buggy, the script can be downloaded here , click on the Raw button.

    Firefox - installed using Scriptish / GreaseMonkey (add-ons for scripts);
    Chrome - directly, without extensions (the script in the form of a file is dragged onto the chrome: // extensions / page);
    Opera - a user script is created in a file, placed in a folder ... ( instruction);
    Safari - installed using NinjaKit (not tested, but there is nothing special in the script).


    PDF button - restricts the search to PDF files only (if the source of information is different government structures, research results, etc.).

    You can add your buttons in the source code:

    	,buttS =[
    ], j =0;

    Update: Thanks to spmbt processing, everything now works in all browsers and monitors. While userscripts.org is buggy, you can download the script here , click on the Raw button.

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