Monitor Magazine (April 1992) and the Parable of Computer Residents

    “As soon as Digger, Comrade Command Com and Commander Norton got ready to drink beer, they knocked on the window. “There isn't enough room!” Cried Commander Norton, seeing the hated cockle of Vindouz’s father in the window. “

    I recently read a post about Computer Science magazine, Norton Commander package and remembered Commander Norton and other computer humor heroes Alexander Golubev.

    This is worth the attention of Khabrovsk citizens, if only because it very accurately reflects the specifics of the work of programs and computers of that time, and most importantly, the mood that prevailed in the IT sphere at that time. Particularly noticeable is the attitude towards the Windows that started to spread, and a very warm attitude towards old toys like Digger. A kind of story clothed in humor.

    Unfortunately, the cover of that issue I didn’t have, and the author’s site has not been updated for a long time ...

    Under the cut is what more relates to IT. Everything else can be easily found independently.

    Somehow Digger, commander Norton, and the Commander Com are sitting, and Father Vindouz is walking past.
    “Sit,” he says. - Oh well. Soon everyone will be sitting under me. ”
    Nobody answered him anything. One t. Command Kom spat out and cursed dirtyly.
    “Come in, come in,” he said, “the shell is cheap.”

    - I still wonder how much hard drive is eating about. Outdose! - spoken after the breakfast to K. Norton.
    “Why be surprised when he has a tapeworm,” Comrade Kom Kom answered in tone.

    All day Comrade Kom Kom walked enlightened, and having met the sad father of Vindouz, he even inquired tenderly:
    - Or what happened, father?
    “All the icons were stolen,” Father Vindouz said, and burst into tears.
    “Ah, they are unchristian,” Comrade Com, consoled, “oh, they are cheap shells!” And his mustache cheerfully moved.

    Digger once asked Comrade Command Com: “Why, you, Commander Com, don’t love Vindouz’s father like that?”
    “He stinks of mice from him,” he answered quickly.

    “Gentlemen,” commander Norton told Digger, etc., Commander To, “Great Russification took place yesterday.” It is ordered that all be given Russian names.
    They began to think. Well, Norton’s commander was immediately named Lieutenant Severny, and Digger was left as Digger. But Comrade Command, Who did not like a single Russian name. They wanted to call him Ivan Komov, but he got angry: “The shells, - shouts, - are cheap! They bred mice! ”

    - Do you remember the First Version of the Dos, Comrade Com? - asked Digger Commander Coma.
    “No,” he cried, “only the song remained of her,” and sang: “OS, DOS, Per. Ver. DOS, and my grandmother is healthy ... ”

    Once, waking up, Commander Kom did not find autoexec.bat. This shocked him so much that he could not calm down until he figured out the date, month, year, hour and minute. And although subsequently the situation with autoexec.bat was often repeated, Commander Com continued to ask the date and time with such obstinacy that everyone finally forgot where it started.

    “Comrade Command Com has recovered,” Digger said, examining Comrade Coming by.
    “2.7 kilos,” commander Norton determined.
    “So what song are we going to sing today, Norton?” Asked Digger.
    “Duc,” replied Commander Norton, “Yankee Doodle.”

    “What do you think, Norton, who will we be in our next life?” Digger asked Commander Norton.
    “Duc,” Commander Norton answered, clicking on Control Alt Alt.

    Once, Comrade Kom Kom went to Africa, and there he was bitten by the fly Tse-Tse Format.

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