The Liberator pistol: 100 thousand downloads in two days

    On May 6, the distribution of files for printing the Liberator pistol (“Liberator”) on a 3D printer began. In the first two days, three-dimensional models of 12 plastic parts from the website were downloaded by more than 100 thousand people .

    The US government quickly closed the bench , stopping the distribution of files from under the pretext of a ban on arms exports.

    Liberator on

    But it was not possible to completely stop the dissemination of information. CAD files are distributed in torrents, including on the largest tracker The Pirate Bay .

    PS It is advisable to use the Stratasys Dimension SST printer, which can be found on the Internet for $ 8,000, to print a gun made of ABS plastic. At least, that was the printer used by Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed, the developer and first tester of Liberator.

    Some users say that working copies of the gun can be made on a printer for $ 2000 .

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