Long-lasting universal phosphors

    In continuation of posts about cold neon and phosphors and my online store of phosphors . I promised to make infographics.

    For those who do not know what phosphors are and why they are needed: phosphors are substances that can accumulate energy and radiate it. We will talk about photophosphors that emit visible light. In a simple way - substances and things that glow in the dark.

    At first I wanted to make an infographic in the form of a photograph: I collected various objects - watches, pens, rulers, phosphor, pigments and ready-made luminous things, laid it all out on fabric. Everything looked very impressive, but the shooting did not work, because the available photographic equipment and experience do not allow me to convey all the splendor that opens my eyes in the dark.

    As a result, I abandoned the original idea and collected photo material from the Web. Then he studied several services for creating infographics and stopped at the site www.piktochart.com .

    Under the cut - the result of three hours of collecting material and writing texts - my first infographic. I am not a designer and will listen carefully to expert advice and criticism.

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