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    Recently studied a report on the mobile application market, in which he found out about a rather entertaining fact. It turns out that despite the fact that for every thousand startups with their application, there is one startup that provides development tools, and the number of such startups is growing very quickly, there is still no single catalog of tools for developing mobile applications. Just in case, I’ll clarify that this is not about libraries, but about individual services, such as urban airship, apcudo, burstly, etc. I would like to ask the community, especially the developers, whether the updated crowdsource catalog of such tools with descriptions, prices, and ratings would be interesting, which would help developers quickly find the right tool and get acquainted with the latest products. I have already gathered about 170 of these tools, I can add and place them in an interactive table on our website, but I want to spend my energy on it only if it’s interesting to many and if not only me will replenish the catalog. Thanks in advance for your active participation in the survey.

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    Will the updated crowdsource catalog of tools for developing mobile applications with descriptions, prices, ratings be interesting?

    • 36% I will use and replenish 126
    • 51.1% I will use, I will not replenish 179
    • 12.8% I will not use 45

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