How to get into the "golden billion" or sobering statistics

    Considering all kinds of Forbes lists, apartment prices in Moscow, or just the price tag of the new Galaxy S4, it's easy to be discouraged - someone else is buying it all. And in the lung, without worrying, not like me. The problem is that this is all an imposed picture of the world (do not be alarmed, there will be little pathos in my topic).

    There is such a thing as a "golden billion." This is one seventh of the world's population, consuming most of the resources and provided with basic amenities. That is, once again, 6 billion people on the planet live worse. Significantly worse. In order to understand what the threshold for entering this “billion” is, you can use the Global Rich List statistics site . We select the currency, enter either the annual income or the accumulated state, and position ourselves in the global financial field.

    So, having a monthly salary of 44 thousand rubles, we fall into 1% of the richest people. Those. 99% live worse. Having a salary of 20 thousand rubles (and an annual salary of 240, considering that this amount includes all cash receipts), we get ourselves included in 8.5% of the richest people in the world. Well, standing at 565,971,129 place in wealth. And in order to get into that same notorious billion, it is enough to have a salary of 12,500 rubles a month. And to get into two billion - a salary of 4,000 rubles per month.

    A small disclaimer - so as not to be suspected of advertising, I have nothing to do with the site. It was launched by Poke London in defiance of the very lists of the world's richest people. And personally, I got a tool in my hands that allows me to prove something to all those who are constantly whining that he has a small salary of a couple of thousand bucks, and not a single self-respecting person can live on such a pittance. I hope this link will be useful to you too.

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