Traffic Inspector 3.0: what's new?

    Today's review is dedicated to the development version of our flagship product. The beta release will be available on the Smart-Soft website in May-June, but for now, briefly go over the list of important innovations that are enough in Traffic Inspector 3.0. Suffice it to mention the appearance of a special international edition intended for foreign customers - Russian software developers are now actively exploring global markets and our company is no exception.

    About product
    The Traffic Inspector program, popular in the CIS countries, solves all the problems associated with safe and efficient user access to the Internet: there is a contextual firewall with advanced features, a simple administration console (which even a novice specialist can handle), a powerful tool for traffic analysis and reporting, VPN server, proxy server that filters viruses and spam mail gateway, the ability to block ads, channel load control and much more. In addition, the functions of the gateway are expanded using special modules, and its implementation does not require expensive network equipment.

    X64 architecture support
    In the development process, we took into account the changing needs of users and current market trends. One of the most important innovations in the third version is the appearance of Traffic Inspector assemblies for processors with x64 architecture. The debates about the benefits of such assemblies in specialized forums have been going on for many years - many technical experts still prefer products compiled for i386 - but a modern integrated solution for organizing, controlling and protecting Internet access should take advantage of the processor architecture. In particular, the ability to address more than 2 GB of memory for a single process will make the work of a highly loaded proxy server based on Traffic Inspector more efficient.

    Deep packet inspection
    The new filter allows you to extract an arbitrary data block from a network packet, compare it with a given value (with the possibility of applying a mask to check individual bits) and perform certain actions on the packet. Similar technologies are now actively used in cases where a simple firewall is not enough. In the future, based on this filter, we will implement the Skype and BitTorrent traffic blocking function.

    Search queries
    Search engines have become one of the main means of working in the global network and therefore we include Traffic Inspector 3.0the ability to track user requests in Bing, Google,, Rambler, Yahoo and Yandex. The new magazine will allow you to understand what resources are of interest to company employees in the first place and how effectively they use Internet access.

    New interface
    The program interface has been seriously redesigned taking into account the wishes of customers - the elements of the console tree are now more logical. The content of the pages of the main nodes ("Objects", "Traffic accounting", "Users and groups", "Rules", "Services" and "Settings") has completely changed and now they display comprehensive information about the settings, as well as links to the main tasks program administration. We also redesigned the client agent, in general, the appearance of the Traffic Inspector has become more modern, and it will be much more convenient to work with it.

    Reports and Administrator Activity Log
    The Traffic Inspector 3.0 reporting system will allow IT department and company management to view data on resources used by employees in a more convenient and visual way. In addition, the program will display a log of administrators: with its help, you can track all configuration changes. A similar tool is indispensable if several people have access to the Traffic Inspector settings.

    In the third version, we took into account the requirements of the market for similar products: there will be assemblies for x64, technology for deep package inspection and the ability to track user searches. In addition, the interface will become more convenient and modern, and the reporting system will be seriously redesigned. We hope you enjoy this release - it will be available for public beta in May - June, which we will write more about.

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