NASA will fly again to the moon, making all the elements of aircraft


    Not so long ago, NASA received a new chapter, who almost immediately announced that he was going to help the space program (at least the American one), to repeat past records and achievements. However, he also said that the times have changed, which means that the agency has other goals. But one of them remains the same - it is a man’s flight to the moon with the possible establishment of a colony there.

    Last week, Jim Brydenstein visited the Kennedy Space Center - this was the first visit as head of the agency. He had to answer a lot of questions from journalists. One of them is “Why do you think that now we are insured against past mistakes in terms of visiting the Moon or flying to Mars?”. Brydenstein believes that one of the possibilities that will allow a person to break past records is the creation of spacecraft, most of whose elements can be reused.

    This is not even Falcon 9, the second stage of which can fly into space many times. We are talking about a large number of elements and modules that can be assembled into a new spacecraft like Lego cubes.

    “We want to create a new space system architecture, making it possible to reuse them,” said Brydenstein. Speech about rockets, spaceships, stations and Lender. All this will not only reduce the cost of the space program, but also speed up its implementation. After all, if you do not have to create new devices, which is very difficult and requires a huge amount of resources, the gaps between individual expeditions will be reduced, and very significantly.

    “We already know how the rockets that can be reused changed the course of the game for our entire space program, at the same time reducing its cost. I think this trend will continue, ”said the head of NASA. “We at the agency look at things differently. Now we believe that we should be not only providers of space services, but also consumers. We should have several companies that can provide various space exploration services. And this is a great opportunity that will allow us to put everything on a commercial footing, ”he continued.

    True, the current head answered a question about the super-expensive Space Launch System launch vehicle somewhat crumpled. He said that the dignity of the rocket is in its enormous carrying capacity, which allows very heavy loads to be launched into space. Butit has already been said that this is not quite the case, but a slightly increased load capacity is very expensive, so it is much more profitable to run something several times with the same Falcon Heavy or BFR after it is ready. $ 1-2 billion for the launch of the launch vehicle is monstrously much.

    Anyway, Brydenstein is still going to focus on the possibility of re-using spacecraft. He spoke about this for several years. “We want to cooperate with companies that will help us go forward and develop. There is no room for doubt here, ”the agency head said.

    In this way, the difference between Brydenstein’s position and that of the previous head of NASA, Charles Bolden, is different. He believed that although SpaceX and other companies that provide their launch vehicles on a commercial basis are useful for astronautics, he did not plan to switch to the “reuse rails” of their own vehicles.

    According to NASA, now the path to the moon and to the planets of the solar system can be opened only with the cooperation with other organizations, both commercial and not. The moon is a priority for the agency, and the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, agrees. According to the presidential administration, the establishment of a colony on the moon is a much more rational step, and the very possibility of creating human settlements on the Earth’s satellite is more likely than a colony on Mars. Of course, Ilona Mask all this is somewhat upset, but he goes to the goal on his own.

    Anyway, many organizations from different countries now have plans for mastering the moon. So there is a far non-zero probability of the development of a satellite of the Earth in the near future. And the creation of modular rockets and other systems that can be used again and again increases this probability, making our cosmic future quite real.

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