Open data, Rosstat, prosecutor's office and all-all-all

    Last night, April 11, the open data board meeting ended.

    It was very intense and active. I talked about a lot in detail here , but, of course, not everything is there.

    Due to the long accumulated experience of butting with various departments, a lot of non-constructive ones have accumulated against a number of them, but an unconstructive open data does not help.

    So, not only scolding, but also praising in some ways, and if we scolding, then with suggestions how and what to fix.

    First, the most important thing:

    1. Open data has become an established trend.

    Whatever happens next - they will be engaged in them, they will be disclosed, the regions will raise them to the flagpole, and the federal departments will butt for opportunities, powers and who better understands what on this topic. This is very important - when competition arises in a topic, it means it is alive.

    2. Talking about money

    As expected, many departments started talking about the fact that data can be provided, only money is needed. Somewhere, these conversations are completely justified - as, for example, a representative of the prosecutor's office spoke about the fact that the crime registration system is actually completely rebuilt and that it requires expenses not even for disclosing data, but for collecting it. This is quite understandable.
    Another example is Rosstat, where colleagues also talk about money, taking a very conservative position based on the fact that their main consumer is unskilled. In the case of Rosstat, many of the data they have accumulated for a long time and their arguments that their publication as open data needs funds, I find far-fetched.

    3. Business has pulled itself up

    So far, only the representative of the Support of Russia, but there will be others - Business Russia, RF CCI and everyone else. This is important, at least economically significant information will be more open with their support. However, it is important to remember that the needs of business do not cover all the needs of society. There is data without commercial application, but valuable in themselves for public tasks of various kinds. For example, data from the declarations of officials.

    4. There will be a lot of data - but how to make them in demand.

    Getting 500 data sets by mid-July is not difficult. Getting valuable data sets is much more difficult. How to get exactly the data that is of value to developers is the question. For this purpose, surveys of developers and citizens are conducted.
    Surveys with different levels of coverage, but so far the developers are not so actively writing about what they want than they would like.

    The main thing that everyone lacks is the request flow from the developers what data is needed. Specific wishes what formats are needed. Live examples of projects based on them.

    To this end, contests will be held this year - organized by us and many others, but they solve only part of the problem.

    Therefore, if you know any projects using open state data, write about them, it will be easier for us to convince other departments of the opening. If there is data that is needed - you also need to know which one.

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