Continuation of the story with LitRes: a possible lawsuit against Alex Exler
    I think that all the residents of Habr can reconstruct from memory the story with the participation of the LitRes company, which submitted requests to remove the Reader applications in the AppStore, the Moon + Reader applications on Google Play, and also threatened the Cool Reader developers to repeat the same thing with them. As we recall, the story focused on the fact that the programs were restored in the application stores, but to some extent, "caved in" to the requirements of LitRes. You can read more about these events in previous posts .

    The story of the blackmail of developers became widely known due to the fact that it was replicated by many Internet resources, in particular, Alex Exler devoted two full-length posts to the fight against the company's unfair actions. ( 1 , 2)

    And on April 10, 2013, events received a new unexpected round. Exler was sent (or rather, forwarded) a lawyer's request submitted to Masterhost to learn the following:
    1) Who is the administrator of the domain, full name, address, postal address and contact phone number
    2) Date of registration of the domain
    3) When the administrator became the owner of the domain
    5) IP address at which the Internet resource is physically located indicated by the specified domain name.
    You can get acquainted with the document in more detail by looking at its scan .

    And further. Above the list of required information it is written that the request was submitted by the lawyers of LitRes company,
    as part of providing legal assistance to a client in preparation for filing a lawsuit for copyright protection .
    Both of Exler’s posts didn’t exactly infringe on anyone’s copyrights, except for a link to the Flibusta main page - solely to show that only Cool Reader had embedded links to the resource. Therefore, two options are possible: either the lawsuit was directed to a third party, and Exler and his website were needed as evidence, or the lawsuit was really directed against, but its validity remains completely unclear. In any case, something is outlined.

    The original with updated comments is here:

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