The people began to move to Yukoz

    Earlier, the move of Yandex.Node sites to the uCoz platform was announced. The relocation process was planned in stages. And today it has begun. Today, DNSs for People 1 sites have moved and switched, that is, sites created in the workshop, and not in the site designer. All these sites now run on Ucoz servers. Earlier warning letters were sent with the following contents:

    “You received this letter because you are the owner of the site created in the Workshop on We want to warn you that from April 5 to 8 your site will be unavailable for editing due to the move from the Workshop to the uCoz service. You can continue to work with him already at the new site. Entrance to the editing interface will remain in the same place - on Moving will not interfere with your site. It will be available to visitors as usual, the address and content of the site will be preserved. You will have new modern tools for the development of your resource. If you don’t like something, you can pick up your site with uCoz and transfer it to another site. ”

    And today, Ucoz calls for prudence: “I really want to ask everyone to remain calm and understanding. Only calmly and on business will it be possible to solve any problem, imaginary or real. For our part, we will show all possible professionalism and responsibility. Our support specialists, developers and system administrators are ready to stay awake and help all users of the sites that have moved. In exchange, we would really like for our users to behave correctly and not to panic. And if questions arise, they are clearly formulated, do not forget to indicate the addresses of sites and read what they are answered, and ideally, answers to similar questions, if any already existed. ”

    imageIt is clear that many owners of popular sites will be in a state of shock. Ucoz prepared a pagewith frequent questions that may arise when moving. The move procedure itself: after entering your Yandex account, you will see a message that can be seen in the picture on the left. By agreeing to move (and you have nowhere to go) you will receive a message: “The authorization application in the site control panel requests access to your Yandex data: Date of birth, Username, Name, Gender, Email address.” Again you have to agree. To continue, you must agree to the user agreement. You can also: download backup (site archive), or refuse to use the service.

    imageAfter you agree with absolutely everything that you are offered, you will receive a message: “The request to create an archive copy of the site was completed successfully. A link to the archive will come to your inbox soon. ”Well, at least you can download a backup. Site after moving in adequate condition. There are no visible changes, only the logo (favicon) has changed. Those who stayed at the People and are completely unfamiliar with the technologies, Yukoz will have to get used to and master a new platform if it is necessary to edit the site. But this can be done calmly and later. And our advice is this: create a new site on Yukoz (it's free) and practice there so that you do not inadvertently destroy a popular site dear to your heart. It is worth paying attention to the fact that a direct link to the people has disappeared and you can get to your site using the link above: It remains to be patient and it is better to wait a bit until after the start of the move everything settles down. In the meantime, you can speculate on such a question: “Why Yandex is not profitable for the people, and Yukoz is profitable? I must say that in this whole story with the move, it is encouraging that Yandex did not leave popular sites to the mercy of fate, and we can hope that Yukoz will also act in the future with its sites, if something happens.

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