A part of the face was printed on a man on a 3D printer

    Thanks to 3D printing technology, Eric Moger, the manager of a restaurant in Britain, got a chance for a normal life.
    4 years ago, doctors found in him a huge malignant tumor, actively progressing under the skin. The operation to remove it deprived the man of almost the entire left side of his face, including the eye, cheekbone and most of his chin, leaving a gaping void in their place.

    Nicholas Kalavrezos, the surgeon who removed the tumor, recommended Dr. Andrew Dawood, a dental surgeon and implant specialist. Dawood had already experimented with 3D printing to create jaw prostheses for patients and agreed to create a facial prosthesis for Mr. Moger using computed tomography and 3D face scans.
    First of all, with the help of 3d-milling technology, a titanium frame was created to replace the missing bones. It was firmly fixed to the remaining bones using five-centimeter screws created in the same way.
    Then, a plastic plate was implanted in the patient’s mouth, acting as a lip and finally allowing him to eat normally. A mirror image of a three-dimensional model of the surviving half of the face was used to print a nylon pad. This pad is used as the basis for a silicone mask, fixed with magnets, which makes it easy to remove it at night. In the future, Dr. Dawood hopes to improve his technology and print a pre-made mask that does not require a foundation. This would allow those in need to get their dentures faster.
    “I was amazed at how he looks like,” said Mr Mogger. “When I took it in my hand, it was like looking in the mirror in my hands.” When I first put it on, I could not believe how good it looked. I used to have to support my jaw with my hand in order to speak normally, and when I tried to drink, the liquid constantly spilled. When I drank the first glass of water with a prosthesis, nothing spilled - and it was amazing. "

    Via Sydney Morning Herald

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