Layout of letters. Bugs again

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    First of all, I want to apologize to and personally Andrei Sumin, AndrewSumin, for the post written in a flash. The problem of typesetting letters was pretty painful, but in some places everything was not as bad as it seemed. There are also problems.

    Regarding, I have almost no complaints at the moment. Typing emails under this webmord is just as nice as for Google Mail. It is very nice to see that Russian webmords began to support background images.

    Do you know what is really missing? Fichlista from developers of email clients and webmords. It would be great to learn first-hand which features were introduced into circulation and which, on the contrary, were curtailed. This would relieve the headache of the layout designer, and the user would stop receiving crooked letters. Yes, this is very important information.

    Below are some new bugs that should be considered when preparing emails, and developers should close them.

    As I said, these guys are all great, except for one small BUT. If we indicate a phone number in the letter (just text), this same number is transformed into a pseudo-link, blue, when clicked, we will make a call through web agent.
    +7(952)123 45 67

    Everything would be fine, but how to style it is a big question. Heder styles do not help here.

    Yandex Mail

    There are many more disorders. In order:

    1. Table frames


    What do we expect to see? Everything is simple. The left cell of the table should get a dashed lower border. What do we really get? The left cell gets a solid border, and the right one gets dashed. Why? Dont clear.

    2. line-height I’ll give an example of a layout button:

    All mailers except I. mail will parse the button as intended. In the case of our hero, the line-height will be significantly overestimated. The thing is that the default line-height in I. mail was initially set large:
    .b-message-body {
    line-height: 1.4;

    than it is accepted in browsers (1.2em). But here it is not so simple.

    Does not solve the problem. And so it works:

    3. cellspacing
    Here everything is more interesting. Previously, this attribute in i.mail worked crookedly. The table just fell apart. The developers did very interesting :) They just turned it off like this:
    .b-message-body__content TABLE {
    border-collapse: collapse;

    This is very cool, but the solution is bad. If we do not need padding between cells, we can simply specify cellspacing = "0" and everything will be fine. But it was not there. Microsoft guys are special as always. It is for desktop outlook that you need to collapse the table to avoid a single-pixel gap between the table cells. Therefore, I have a convincing request to the developers of the mail: "Please correct this misunderstanding." I will be glad if this post is noticed by Roman Komarov kizu , tk. I could not contact him on these issues.

    Little nothings of life

    Here is a request to the above developers: Could you introduce support for header styles at least for links? Given the pseudo-classes:: link,: hover,: visited. The fact is that the links in the letter look dead. It would be great to change the color of the link when you hover over it, or remove text-decoration;

    And one more detail. What about css max-width property? It is mainly because of its absence that we most often have to write media_queries.

    Thank you, I have everything.

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