Huawei overtook Apple in terms of sales. The capitalization of the American company still reached $ 1 trillion

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    Apple and Huawei summed up the third quarter of the fiscal year - the most successful in the history of both companies. The top three mobile market leaders have changed: according to the results as of June 30, 2018, Huawei overtook Apple in the number of smartphones sold and ranked second in the market after Samsung. Apple, in turn, announced revenue growth and broke the capitalization record.

    New contenders for leadership

    The struggle for leadership in the smartphone market is no longer just a confrontation between Apple and Samsung: according to IHS and Strategy Analytics, from April to June 2018, Huawei’s share increased to 15%, Reuters reports . Over the past quarter, Huawei sold almost 12% more devices than Apple, and reduced the Samsung lag to 20%. According to the report, the company's revenue is 15% higher than the result for the same period of 2017.


    Huawei were able to rank second in the world in the share of the smartphone market not only by capturing 27% of the Chinese market, which is the largest in the world, but also by increasing international sales. According to Vedomosti, in June 2018, Huawei Honor smartphones became the best-selling in Russian online stores.

    According to analysts, Huawei managed to outrun competitors by selling more functional phones for its price category. Released in the spring of the flagship model P20 Pro demand and thanks to the innovations used: Huawei first equipped the device with three cameras. According to Russian retailers, such devices attract primarily a young audience who loves new items and is not prejudiced against Chinese goods.

    Apple still makes more money

    Despite the fact that Huawei sells better than iPhones, Apple also reported a successful quarter. According to Business Insider, this third quarter was the most profitable in the company's history. Although iPhone sales increased by only 0.7%, by increasing the average cost of the iPhone to $ 724, the company's revenue in this segment, still mainly for Apple, increased by 20% to $ 29.91 billion.

    In total, Apple's revenue in the third quarter 2018 fiscal year, which ended in June, grew by 17% and reached $ 53.3 billion. These results exceeded the expectations of experts and ensured Apple shares a steady growth since the publication of the report.

    On August 2, 2018, reports the BBC, Apple became the first American company whose capitalization reached $ 1 trillion.

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