Bestindigital Rating

    The leading specialists in the digital marketing market have teamed up and jointly launched the special project bestindigital , which today for the first time in the history of Russian advertising has named the best players in the domestic market in the field of digital creativity.

    Why is all this necessary? Comments on Stepan Burlakov , one of the organizers of the rating:

    All existing ratings, such as tagline, cmsmagazine, ratingruneta, ruward and others, evaluate everything except the most important - namely, the quality of work of companies that provide creative services in the field of digital. The quality of the service should be important for the client, and not, for example, the number of employees or the annual turnover (these are certainly important things too, but creative and production are not technical, but creative businesses whose quality is not measured by business indicators).

    If everything is considered mathematics, it turns out a company that made 1000 sites better than the one that made 50 (and it doesn’t matter that it’s 1000 template, narrow-minded decisions, the meaning of which is to quickly sell what they’re “hawking”), or, for example, one that makes websites for Gazprom more professional than the one that makes a website for a children's online store, this is a very superficial opinion that has nothing to do with reality.

    There is a problem that the client is little formed about the players in the market, and cannot evaluate the quality for various reasons, first of all “he did not see the best” to compare. Often, he seeks advice from others, among whom the majority of people are also “off topic, but knowing how everything seems to them”. To do this, we do this rating, do all the work of analyzing and researching the market for the best (and this is a fairly high bar, especially for Russia, where out of several thousand companies, there are only a few, by honest European standards, that are high-quality, if to be honest) ) collect all this and provide it to the client.

    Places in the ranking are not so much an indicator of the superiority of one company over another, but simply the opinion of experts that someone does more interesting things, someone less, but all market participants are at least high-quality contractors. In fact, it is an analogue of any advertising festival, where the jury gathers, recognized professionals, because their experience and talent was noted at international and domestic festivals (and we have collected almost all of the most titled ones), their works are well known in the market. Well, and who apart from these people who have achieved certain results in their profession (and this cannot be done without the presence of taste, talent, experience, etc.) can try to evaluate it badly or well? That's right, nobody.

    The rating certainly cannot be called 100% objective, but the fact that this is the rating closest to the real situation on the market can be affirmed with full confidence. Soon we will launch the Promotion category, as well as launch 3 more countries: Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus.

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