JS code, Roman numerals, geometric puzzles: how do we encrypt our age

    Every year for the birthday of DataArt we give our colleagues branded T-shirts. In the year of our twenty-tradition tradition turned 10 years old. We found and photographed T-shirts, with which it all began, and the models of recent years. In some, riddles are encrypted, which even their authors managed to forget.


    In the twentieth anniversary of DataArt, we chose the color Royal Blu — our first corporate T-shirts were similar in blue.

    The choice of color is a difficult task for a company with development centers in 10 countries on different continents. For example, in Buenos Aires, Royal blue is the color of a school uniform, so for Argentina it was replaced with dark blue.


    After rebranding in 2015, the DataArt graphic symbol became a tangram - a puzzle of seven polygons from which you can add an infinite number of shapes. This is a metaphor that reveals one of the main principles of the existence of DataArt - unity in diversity - and symbolizes our flexibility, readiness to adapt to a changing environment and find optimal solutions for complex tasks.

    The windmill, composed of tangram figures, turned out to be so popular that at some point in the offices it began to ruffle in the eyes of the number of colleagues in identical T-shirts.


    T-shirt for the 18th anniversary of DataArt. The design is based on the idea of ​​endless happiness: the happiness of colleagues and the happiness of customers. Such is the simple philosophy. Orange is one of the primary colors in the DataArt palette.

    What should be a T-shirt for the 18th anniversary, decided by vote.


    Ideas prints are often discussed on the office lists, together.

    In the print, DataArt's age is encrypted in the year when this T-shirt was made. Of course you guessed it

    What does this picture mean?
    На ней изображен способ построения правильного 17-угольника с помощью циркуля и линейки. Количество углов фигуры как раз соответствует возрасту DataArt на тот момент.


    In 2013, DataArt turned 16 years old. I wanted to make a T-shirt with mathematical overtones, angrily and boldly as a teenager. Invented a square in the square.

    First, we got a clear symmetrical rhombus, but this was the perfect age to break the rules, so they immediately got rid of the boring symmetry.


    This T-shirt is one of the most beloved colleagues from all that printed DataArt birthday. The author of the idea is one of the old-timers of DataArt, Gleb Nitsman.

    You understood

    What does this cipher mean?
    Конечно, 2012 — 1997 = 15, а 0x0F — 15.


    In 2011, DataArt was already in St. Petersburg, New York and London, in Voronezh, Kherson, Odessa, Kharkov and Kiev. These cities are marked with coffee cups on a pixelated map. The same logo was applied to the cups.

    “The world is not enough” - the name of the James Bond film and the title song from it.


    In 2008, the first well-known DataArt was printed, the key design element in which there were emoticons. The idea was brought by a young designer, Misha Glikman, who literally gushing ideas, but found emoticons on some open source with stock pictures.

    According to the memoirs of colleagues, the work on this project was painful. Due to the large number of colors, there were difficulties with prepress preparation, and only brave women decided to print T-shirts in a semi-base printing house.


    In 2007, DataArt was 10 years old, and with the opening of two Ukrainian development centers at once - in Kherson and Kharkov - the company had the task of integrating offices. The big unifying holiday was the birthday that DataArt celebrates on July 4th. So, after a break from dealing with crises, the tradition to make T-shirts for colleagues was resumed.

    The logo of this t-shirt is an encrypted formula, invented by designer Sergei Mikhalchik and Mikhail Zavileisky, the manager of organizational development of DataArt. The formula for success is simple: money is time multiplied by the pleasure of what you do.

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