Contorra website redesign: now responsive + HTML 5

    Another adaptive project , which was very pleasant to work on)
    We set ourselves the task of simplifying the existing site as much as possible.

    Contorra Home Page

    The left block with the logo becomes fixed on the wide monitor. Scrolling (scrolling) acts only on the right half of the site with the work. Thus, the contact information is always in front of the user and, if he decides to contact us, he can easily do this.


    Now QR codes (Quick Response) are very popular, so we decided to also place it on the main page.

    Contorra is our first project using a new technology: HTML 5 canvas. With its help, we implemented a splash screen when the site loads. And if you go to page 404 errors, then you will see the result of applying another effect - parallax.

    404 error page

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