What are algorithms?

    I studied in Canada (in my old posts on Habré you can follow that process) thanks to a scholarship from the government of Kazakhstan called “Bolashak” (Kazakh. “Future”). The guys from essay.kz together with the administration of this scholarship regularly invite Bolashak graduates and take mini-lectures. Recently they called me, I decided to talk about the algorithms.

    In my opinion, it turned out pretty messy, but many liked it. Here is a sample lecture plan:

    • What is computer science and computer science?
    • What is an algorithm?
    • The best solutions are usually not obvious.
    • Turing Machine and Fundamental Limitations of Computer
    • What are simple and complex tasks?
    • Salesman Problem
    • Why are programming languages ​​not like human languages?

    The video is divided into two parts ( one , two ). To skip the introduction, start watching from 2:56.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

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    What is your impression of the video?

    • 73.1% Excellent, keep up the good work! 527
    • 12.7% Good, but there are inaccuracies and errors. 92
    • 7.5% Average, it’s better not to “teach” people yet, but to learn for yourself. 54
    • 2.2% Bad, confusing, arrogant, incomprehensible. Negative activity, stop! 16
    • 4.3% Awful! 31

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