About users and permissions: About 66.9% of Android applications track personal information

    Researchers from the Data Center of China Internet (DCCI) have presented an interesting report on the use of android applications in China.
    1440 applications were investigated, of which 34.5% track information using a method called DCCI "cross-border data tracking" - tracking data that is not related to the application.
    According to the report, applications track the history of messaging (12%), records of telephone conversations (18.1%), information from the address book (21.8%), location tracking (49.9%), record data of sent messages and keep outgoing call protocol (14.7%).
    The report also says that data tracking most often occurs without the knowledge of device owners, since it is carried out by applications whose functionality does not provide for this action.
    The list of tested applications is not specified.
    Based on SecurityLab .

    This study once again proves the inefficiency of the Android security system - less than half of users read permissions for applications, most typical users out of habit click “Next, next, further”, without thinking too much about what information the application displays on the screen. They also take risks if necessary.

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    Comrades, Habrazhiteli, and you read permissions for software in android?

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    • 29.7% No 331

    Have you ever had to give up applications if, in your opinion, they require too much?

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