American will have to pay 222 thousand US dollars for 24 songs uploaded to the Network

    Today it became known that an American from Minnesota will nevertheless pay 222 thousand US dollars as a fine for 24 tunes uploaded (illegally, naturally) to the Network. Litigation began 7 years ago, in 2006 ... The fact is that it was then, back in 2006, the court ruled that the defendant was guilty of illegal file sharing, and sentenced a fine of 222 thousand US dollars. The plaintiff in this process is the well-known to many RIAA. Since then, the defendant (surname Thomas-Rasset) has been trying to avoid this payment by appealing. But now, it seems, she has no chance, and still have to pay the bills.

    It was in 2006 that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) began to actively struggle with the distributors of music files, those who are commonly called "pirates." At that time, almost all the accused agreed to a pre-trial settlement of the issue (i.e., they paid as much money as the RIAA requested as a fine). The defendant in the case mentioned in the heading decided to assert her rights, and tried to prove her own point of view.

    It is worth noting that for the first time, the case was reviewed with an even worse result than now. Then the court not only confirmed the guilt of the woman, but also increased the amount of payments to 1.9 million dollars. But the district judge considered such a huge amount of disproportionate misconduct, and reduced the total amount of payments to the original size of 222 thousand US dollars.

    The re-examination of the case lasted until the current moment, and at the beginning of the trial, many called the defendant “Joan of Arc file sharing”, predicting a global defeat for record companies in the fight against file sharing. In fact, it turned out a little differently, and now these companies win the process after process. Well, Joan of Arc will have to find 222 thousand dollars for RIAA payments. Thomas-Rasset wanted to file another appeal, but the court refused to consider it.

    Via theverge

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