Podcast No. 297. Startup Industry and Internet Business News: March 11 - 15

    As usual, at the end of the week, we present you the podcast. It contains the most important and interesting news of this week.

    A new venture fund has opened, $ 1.5 million has been invested in an online ticket store, humanoid robots will be made in Russia, $ 11 million has been invested in the online booking service for Oktogo.ru hotels, the filming of the film about the creation of Yandex has started. This is only part of the news you can hear in the podcast.

    In the podcast:

    - The filming of the film about the creation of Yandex has started.

    - The Buran Venture Capital venture capital fund has invested $ 1.5 million in the online ticket store Ponominalu.ru.

    - Ingria has entered into a partnership agreement with the Finnish innovation center Miktech.

    - E5.Ru has launched a customer lending program with the help of startup IQcard.

    - On the basis of the Tomsk business incubator, Friendship will make humanoid robots.

    - The founders of the TexDrive business accelerator announced the launch of the Genezis Capital venture capital fund.

    - Three in one: integration under the AVITO brand.

    - Blabroom dating service attracted 6 million rubles from the Imperious Group venture capital fund.

    - A group of investors invested $ 11 million in the online hotel reservation service Oktogo.ru.

    Listen to the podcast - bit.ly/ZMN2Ue Have a nice


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