WebRTC is now on mobile (so far only Android)

    Google has released a beta version of Google Chrome with WebRTC support, although for now support is hidden behind a special flag in chrome: // flags, but desktop WebRTC also appeared that way, so it's just a matter of time and debugging, and then the function will be turned on by default. We, in turn, could not resist and tested this miracle of technology on Google Nexus 4, the video is available under the cut.

    As you can see from the video, WebRTC is already working fine in the Chrome mobile beta. Now we have to deal with a few of Apple, as this functionality is clearly not redundant and iOS. For our part, we will optimize interfaces for touch screens, as well as work on supporting WebRTC implementations in other browsers. Already Zingaya is working in Firefox Nightly (or Aurora), we are waiting for the 21 version of Firefox to go into production and we can say with confidence that more than half of the market uses WebRTC.

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