Angels in the photo or “UFO from Printer 2”

    Hello, dear habrasociety. I’m not sure that you will be interested in this short essay, but maybe someone like me did not come across this issue.

    All of you remember the excessively funny story with a UFO from a printer , when human ignorance creates incredible fantasies. I thought this only happens on TV, but I was wrong.

    Today, as an enikeyshchik, I had to go to one person, whom I consider a religious fanatic.
    Completely without any reason, he showed me a 10x15 photo, which he took with his own hand. In the photograph the church (because of its religious fanaticism, he photographs them very often) with one, so to speak, phenomenon: throughout the photograph there were white translucent spots in the manner of bokeh. I don’t have the photo itself, the fanatic refused to give it.

    The comrade stated with full conviction that this is a sign of God - angels that are not visible to the human eye. An interesting point is that this very man, in spite of his religious fanaticism and ignorance in technical matters, in many other things is absolutely adequate.
    And he said a perfectly reasonable thing (for a less absurd situation) - "if everything is so simple here, explain the phenomenon and repeat it."

    If I were not interested in photography, I might have spat on it, but I became interested in the nature of the phenomenon.
    I would immediately say that it is dust on the lens or light flares, if not for one thing - according to a truthful statement, this effect appeared only 1 time in one photograph.

    The solution to the problem did not take much time and I am sure that most of you were more knowledgeable in this area, but I will write an answer for those who do not yet know.
    Budget cameras suffer from incorrect exposure estimates and may automatically turn on the flash even on a bright sunny day, from which the light is neglected from general illumination.
    The light from the on-camera flash illuminates nearby objects much stronger than distant ones, and if the shutter speed is sufficient, it “freezes the objects”.
    The flash fires, the light reflected from the dust particles returns to the lens, and since the focus is on a much more distant object, the light from the dust particles is blurred.
    It’s easy to prove - we look at EXIF ​​photos with “angels” - on all of them you can see the flash firing.

    It is very easy to repeat - the same room, 2 pictures.

    Without flash:

    And with flash:

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