The new MacBook Pro revealed a problem with the cooler

    Recently, at the Apple Technical Support Forum, complaints from owners of MacBook Pro laptops have come up against problems with the cooler, which provides effective cooling with low noise. An increasing number of users of the latest modifications of the popular Retina display laptop, updated in February 2013, are complaining about problems.

    Description of the problem under the cut.

    Owners of Retina MacBook Pro are faced with a strange bug that leads to an increase in fan speed even at times of minimal load on the computing device by various processes. Also, one user reported an abnormal increase in fan speed during data read / copy operations on SSDs.

    Apple itself has not officially made any statements about this.

    Recall that in the last line of their "professional" laptops Apple used a unique cooling system. Solving the issue of heating high-performance 4-core processors, engineers in addition to the blowing grilles at the display attachment point opened ventilation holes in the back of the left and right sides of the laptop into which air is sucked. In this case, the asymmetric design of the cooling fan blades is used, which reduces annoying noise.


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