Open Development of the Game - Report No. 0

First of all, thanks to Habr, we began active development of the project, which now has the working name Hexagon. After the previous article , a lot of like-minded people appeared in our team, some left, and some connected after.

At the moment, the team is represented by programmers, modelers and artists:
  • Andrey Sidorov
  • Artem Olifir
  • Vlad Zotov
  • Vladimir Medvedev
  • Evgeny Popov (I)
  • Elena Andreeva
  • Oleg Tishchenko
  • Kirill

The main achievement is that there are still people who are ready to work “for the idea”, they all gathered primarily on this resource (and freelancing of course), and one of them on Over the past month, a concept document and general project documentation have been written. Also, our artists, being freelancers, created excellent illustrations for the project and eventually joined the project by entering the “internal team”. Illustrations became the basis of the site and the documentation is published on the wiki .

The idea of ​​the project was:
You are a traveler and founder of a colony who lives in a sky-high world. Not a single day here passes without battles for the colonies that give you power over the lands of Celestium, but this is not the only way in this boundless world. Someone becomes a hermit, exploring the various corners of this world. And someone likes piracy.

If you are interested, then ask your questions or express suggestions with pleasure I will tell about the project and the progress of its development.

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