CeBIT'13. Second day continues to explore the CeBIT 2013 exhibition. Of course, there are not so many interesting new products for the end user as, for example, at the just past MWC, but those who are looking for will find it. For the second day, we shot a video about Drywired nanotechnology, which protects any gadget from water, the Panasonic CF-AX2 ultrabook, the Fibaro smart home and the reference laptop based on the Intel Haswell (Northcape) platform.

    It somehow happened that in Russia, the word nanotechnology basically causes a smile, but what if the way to protect the smartphone’s electronics (and anything else) with a 40-nanometer polymer film was invented not in our city, but in Los Angeles?

    Panasonic at the booth Intel showed its protected ultrabook CF-AX2, which can turn into a tablet in the manner of Lenovo Yoga.

    Fibaro at CeBIT 2013 is promoting its Z-Wave smart home system. More expensive than competitors, but they say it is much more reliable and supports a couple of hundred modules without any delay.

    And finally, a video about how a laptop based on the new Intel platform called Haswell, also known as Northcape, might look like.

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