Flat UI - a free set of flat web interface elements [updated]

    Designmodo, a web interface design company, has published on Github a rather impressive set of today’s flat interface elements — menus, buttons, sliders, switches, checkboxes, icons, and much more. The flat design of the interfaces is actively promoted by Microsoft, and it is increasingly found on the network.

    You can argue about the advantages and disadvantages of this design, but you can not ignore it - fashion is fashion, so this set will probably find a place in the collection of most web designers. In addition to image files and styles, the set includes the Lato font of the Polish designer Lukasz Jedzic and color combinations selected by designers. The Flat-UI demo can be viewed here .

    UPD : currently accessingThe Flat UI repository is closed at the request of LayerVault , which believes Designmodo has violated its copyrights. Designmodo denied any borrowing and claimed that Flat UI is a completely original development.

    An active discussion of closing the repository is on Github and Hacker News . So far, the only way to get to Flat-UI is to use the Github search to find one of the many forks of the project.

    UPD2: On March 20, access to the Flat UI repository was restored.

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