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    For today's post we have selected interesting new projects based on blockchain. NASA launches a lunar project based on Ethereum, the first twin-blockchain and other blockchain news can be found in our digest.


    First blockchain kids were born in Tanzania

    In Tanzania , kids were born who became part of the social project of the Irish company AID: Tech and Dutch PharmAccess, aimed at improving the quality of medical care for mothers and newborns, as well as reducing the number of cases of fraud with funds of charitable organizations.

    As part of the project, each pregnant woman receives a digital identifier, which gives her the right to receive medicines, including during the postnatal period, and also records data on the development of pregnancy in the blockchain. So, the first blockchain-child was born on July 13, 2018, the second and third babies - July 19, 2018.

    Cybercriminals kidnapped $ 7.7 million from blockchain platform KIKICO

    The attackers acquired direct access to the KickCoin token smart contract and its owner’s private key.
    As a result, the attackers managed to steal 70 million KICK coins, which is equivalent to 7.7 million US dollars.

    IBM, Barclays and Citi will launch a blockchain application store for financial institutions

    The LedgerConnect service will provide financial institutions with access to blockchain solutions focused on such areas as KYC (Know Your Client) procedures, sanctions screening, collateral management, post-trading service for operations with derivatives, data reconciliation, etc.

    According to the developers, The new service is designed to help bridge the gap caused by differences in the capabilities of fintech startups and large companies in creating applications based on distributed registry technology (DLT).

    Google Cloud has entered into a partnership with a blockchain start-up.

    Google Cloud will provide developers with blockchain-based solutions from Digital Asset. The partnership agreement is reported on the startup site.

    Ethereum will go to the moon

    NASA launched the program Coral - a joint project from Space Decentral, which is an autonomous decentralized space agency. The team interaction is based on the blockchain.

    The concept of a lunar rover for 3D printing. The

    management and all operations in the space program will be carried out using Aragon's smart contracts organized on the Ethereum blockchain. This will help startups that participate in the program to safely organize work.

    APD The mention of the word “blockchain” caused a wave of negativity here, many openly wrote in the comments that they did not read the post, but simply minus at once. Therefore, I decided to write this update. If you suddenly read this text to the end, I want to ask you a question. Are there anyway, in your opinion, in nature, really sensible and useful projects on the blockchain? If yes, tell us about them in the comments - we will collect a collective habrodigest :)

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