CeBIT 2013 - iron, girls and sheer disappointments

    CeBIT is one of the largest computer industry exhibitions in the world. A huge exhibition takes place annually at the beginning of March in Hanover in Germany. In 2012, CeBIT was quite popular due to the announcement of motherboards based on the Intel Z77 chipset . This year, Intel postponed the launch of the Z87 chipset for the summer, which prompted many major motherboard manufacturers not to go to Hanover. A similar situation with the transfer of a new generation of AMD graphics cardsinfluenced the manufacturers of video cards. After the first three hours of visiting the exhibition, we looked at the covers for the Iphone, all kinds of USB flash drives and even got upset. Nevertheless, we found some new pieces of iron and beautiful girls on German soil and are in a hurry to share with you.

    Already by tradition. We were the first to meet the booth of ASRock . This year, Taiwanese motherboard maker will host an overclocking show featuring overclockers - Nich Shih , SF3D and Perica_barii . Today there is no overclocking, but you can safely look at the first Intel Z87 motherboards by ASRock .

    It is seen that the ASRock Z87 Extreme6not yet ready to the end, as evidenced by the lack of a cooling system for the south bridge and a power system. Although, maybe this is some trick, and ahead of time, the Taiwanese do not want to show the final motherboard design.

    Just five meters away is Biostar , another motherboard manufacturer.

    The novelty based on Intel Z87 in the performance of Biostar is called Hi-Fi Z87X 3D and is positioned as the basis for home multimedia station. As you can see in the photo, in the lower left corner there is a “sound zone”, somewhat unusual for motherboards, headed by a microcontroller hidden under a metal cover. Thermaltake

    boothmet us with the presentation of a new gaming headset. Naturally, a large mass of cooling systems, and cases, and power supplies are presented, but I had a clear impression that the main emphasis was placed on the gaming industry and brand promotion - Tt eSPORTS .

    The new headset for gamers is called Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Headset , and I can’t call the design familiar to gaming headphones. I am poorly versed in the needs of gamers, but as far as I remember gaming headphones, they were all round, and here is a solution in the form of rectangles. Naturally, the speakers, as they were, remained round, but nevertheless, the speaker housing and design are unusual. The main issue - the price - has not yet been disclosed.

    For those who are newLevel 10M Headset will not like, Tt eSPORTS has a huge selection of all kinds of headphones.

    For Starcraft II fans, Tt eSPORTS has special gaming mice designed in collaboration with renowned gamer White-Ra . Moreover, mice for every taste, ranging from red and blue, and ending with white or orange.

    Unfortunately, girls are also not new. I saw a blonde on Thermaltake last year.

    And the XFX, because of the interesting things on the stand, has only an automatic machine with a punching bag that determines the force of the blow. Naturally, this is not very attractive for visitors to a computer exhibition, and girls have to get bored.

    But for the girls fromEnermax immediately shows that they come to work with a soul.

    That was the first day for me at CeBIT 2013 . I can’t say that I saw a lot of new products. To say that something struck me was not there either. The exhibition seemed boring, and the number of visitors decreased markedly. In all this situation, only one thing pleases: the upcoming Computex 2013 will be rich in new products as never before.

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