Chrome for Android plans to “speed up” by passing traffic through a remote server

    It seems that Chrome developers for the Android OS will soon add an interesting (and probably useful for many) feature to the browser. When asked to view a specific web resource, traffic will be passed through remote servers (owned by Google, of course), where the page will be optimized before being sent to the device itself. By design, this will allow the browser to load data faster than usual. Of course, many browsers “know how” to do this, including the popular Opera Mini. But there is a difference.

    And the difference is that traffic will be passed through the SPDY proxy server of Google. In general, such a "feature" for users using wireless networks with high bandwidth is almost invisible. But for those who connect to the Network via GPRS (and there are a lot of such users among the representatives of the habrasociety), all this can be very useful.

    It is worth noting that the announcement of a new function has not yet happened, the developer François Beaufort saw the new products, viewing the commits of the source code Chromium . All

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