The announcement of a new generation of PaaS and cloud architecture for developers

    Today we are announcing a new modular architecture designed to give developers more precise control over the development environment and a wider selection of components, deployment options, and infrastructure. These features offer a complete solution, allowing developers to effectively plan, create, deploy and manage their applications.
    With an optimal balance of automation and control, Engine Yard frees developers from having to adhere to the vendor platform tightly, enabling them to build and scale their cloud-based applications faster, easier and more consistently.

    • You can choose the necessary infrastructure. Do not like Amazon AWS - you can choose another or even combine several infrastructures in one cluster!
    • There are RoR, NodeJS and PHP in the cloud now, but others will be added.
    • PaaS in a private or hybrid cloud!

    Our new architecture is being gradually integrated into the Engine Yard Cloud. With a new flexible and modular approach, developers will be able to more easily select the components and services offered by Engine Yard or include their own. Support for multiple infrastructures will allow developers to choose the appropriate infrastructure provider. Developers will also be able to deploy applications in a private, hybrid and public cloud, and have access to an ever-growing number of programming languages, OS and databases. New features will allow developers to monitor their applications during all development cycles. In addition, a new user interface will allow users to use the proven blueprints of deployment options, create and save their own.

    Flexibility and control

    With the new architecture, Engine Yard continues to be a leader in the industry, offering the most flexible, scalable, and customer-oriented application cloud on the market. New features on the Engine Yard platform include today:
    Cluster model - Developers can create clusters designed for specific tasks to speed up configuration and deployment of applications. Developers can now launch database clusters, and soon they will be able to launch clusters consisting of one application and one service process (utility instances); clusters within the same environment can be distributed across multiple regions for disaster recovery.

    Abstraction from infrastructure

    Using a complex level of infrastructure abstraction, developers can take advantage of the growing number of IaaS providers or take advantage of the ability to deploy in a hybrid or private cloud.
    Monitoring and Alerting - The Automatic Monitoring and Alerting Agent is currently part of all new deployments in the Engine Yard Cloud. Thanks to the AppFirst monitoring engine, you can access incident data in applications, components and other processes running on the developer's virtual machine. In addition, alerts and monitoring of virtual resources in the infrastructure are available, including processors, memory, and disk space.

    Today, Engine Yard announces a new user interface and the ability to use and create structures (blueprints).

    Powerful, dynamic user interface - A modern user interface will help developers plan projects, manage virtual environments intuitively and create both a stable architecture and adapt it to growing demands.

    New design approach

    Three new designs will allow developers to standardize their applications, using the proven achievements of Engine Yard. These designs will allow you to choose the size of their development environment, the ability to add and remove clusters and components as needed.

    You can see the screencast (in English) with a more detailed description and demonstration of the user interface:

    You can study more technical information about the new generation of our platform (in English) here: rs / engineyard / images / NextGenSolutionBrief.pdf

    You can also sign up for a podcast with a more detailed presentation, which will be held on March 7

    The visual display of this press release can be seen here.


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