Google killed Android (brand)

Original author: Fabrizio Capobianco
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There are days when a certain trend that you have noticed becomes absolutely obvious. Today is one of those days.

I noticed that the Android brand disappears over time. First there was Nexus, then Samsung introduced the Galaxy brand, which reduced the relevance of Android. Today, Android is almost invisible.

At first I thought that Google was simply losing the war to its partners. But then I realized that all this was no accident. This is not just a trend. This is a conscious policy. From Google.

Android was everywhere at Mobile World Congress last year. Its zone was the largest, and it was mainly about Android, and only very little - about the manufacturers of equipment.

This year (by the way, if you are going to Barcelona and want to meet, let me know) there is no Android at all. No zone, no stand. He disappeared.

If you read about the new HTC One, you might not find mention of Android anywhere. HTC is trying to promote only its own brand, while Android is far away . Disappeared.

Of course, Android leads. So the leader is that selling simply an “Android phone” means participating in a cheap commodity business. Nobody needs this, but you need to be cool and different from others. Let Android deal with Chinese clone factories.


But the matter is not only in the manufacturers of equipment. The brand kills Google itself. She left Android when the Android Market turned into Google Play, and now she’s distance herself from it even more.

She wants the brand to be Google, not Android.

Is this a risk? Not sure. Who cares about Android? To developers. Only to developers.

Even if you blur the brand, the developers will still be in the know ;-) They don’t care. You can’t lose developers only because of the removal of emphasis from the brand.

But two different brands confuse consumers. For example, now Google is going to open branded stores. She bought a manufacturer of equipment. It is changing, and it needs Google to be everywhere.

Who knows the word iOS? None (well, you know, but you're a geek).

People on the street know Apple. They know the iPhone and iPad. And iOS is for geeks. iOS is hidden inside. For those who can distinguish the V12 engine from the V6 (you see, maybe even you are not a geek).

Android is now so dominant that it can be killed. Because it is only inside. And what's important is what's outside.

Android is no more. He is killed by his own father.

Trust me, you want to buy Google.

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