Symfony 2.2 latest RC released

    Actually, yesterday (24 February) came Symfony 2.2 RC3. If you believe Fabien, this week they should release the final version (he wrote on the blog). I recommend everyone to check the projects for compatibility.

    Regarding the SF2.2 update schedule: Schedule Update

    Also, keep in mind that Symfony 2.1 will be discontinued at the end of April 2013, so it’s time to think about an update (even a test one).

    Actually, in order not to look again, the list of changes (full diff here ):
    • b2080c4: [HttpFoundation] Remove Cache-Control when using https download via IE <9 (fixes # 6750)
    • b7bd630: [Form] Fixed TimeType not to render a "size" attribute in select tags
    • 368f62f: Expanded fault-tolerance for unusual cookie dates
    • 171cff0: [FrameworkBundle] Fix a BC for Hinclude global template
    • 3e40c17: [HttpKernel] fixed locale management when exiting sub-requests
    • 3933912: fixed HInclude renderer (closes # 7113)
    • 189fba6: Removed some leaking deprecation warning in the Form component
    • d0e4b76: [HttpFoundation] fixed, overwritten CONTENT_TYPE
    • 609636e: [Config] tweaked dumper to indent multi-line info
    • 0eff68f: Fix REMOTE_ADDR for cached subrequests
    • 54d7d25: [HttpKernel] hinclude fragment renderer must escape URIs properly to return valid html
    • f842ae6: [FrameworkBundle] CSRF should be on by default
    • cb319ac: [HttpKernel] added error display suppression when using the ErrorHandler (if not, errors are displayed twice, refs # 6254)
    • de0f7b7: [HttpFoundation] Added getter for httpMethodParameterOverride state

    By the way, doctrine has also been updated to beta v1.2.0 (although this is more likely due to composer settings).

    We are testing the new version in parallel in a separate branch, as There are significant incompatibilities. There were problems with:
    • The twig.loader.class parameter (renamed twig.loader.filesystem.class)
    • twig render, new format:
      {% render controller('AcmeMainBundle:Page:chunk', {'row': row}) %}

    In general, the movement of the framework forward cannot but rejoice.
    Here is more about the transition from 2.1 to 2.2: UPGRADE-2.2

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