Digest of upcoming IT events for March 2013

    The portal "Aichi-event.rf" presents to your attention the "Digest of upcoming IT-events for March 2013."

    For ease of navigation, we divided all events into 5 categories:
    • I. Development
    • II. Testers
    • III. Junior
    • IV. Start-up
    • V. Design

    I. Development

    Frameworks Day 2013 JavaScript Conference

    Kiev / 2.03.2013 / Cost 150 - 250 UAH.
    International conference dedicated to popular JavaScript frameworks. Audience: developers, architects, project managers from Ukraine, Russia and neighboring CIS countries.

    DrupalCafe Meeting # 3

    St. Petersburg / 2.03.2013 / Participation is free.
    Session List: Roman Lapin (Evercode Lab) - Symfony2 Components. How not to reinvent the wheel; Konstantin Komelin - Security of PHP / Drupal applications and sites.

    Android and iOS Workshop : Mobile Application Security

    Moscow / 03/03/2013 / Participation is free.
    Mobile devices are no longer just a means of communication. Applications on smartphones and tablets are suitable for almost all occasions: from making a shopping list to building graphs and charts. How to protect the user and make the mobile application safe? You will learn the answers to these questions at a scientific and technical seminar.

    Seminar Delphi Developer Days

    Kazan / 03/12/2013 / Participation is free.
    You will learn how to: develop multi-platform applications for Windows and Mac OS X; Provide Windows 8 Interface Compliance use Fire Monkey 2 - a new platform for building modern business applications; apply dynamic linking based on LiveBindings technology; start applying the latest mobile and web technologies. The event will be useful for: developers and team leaders; CIO and development tools analysts; Broad-based IT specialists, whose task is to develop and maintain software.

    HTML5 Camp 2013 Conference

    Moscow / 03.15.2013 / Cost is not known.
    Key topics of the conference: present and future of web standards (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related technologies and standards); modern trends in website and web application development; client web development: practice, libraries, tools; development of applications for Windows 8 in HTML and JavaScript.

    Mobilefest 2013 Festival

    Moscow / 03/22/2013 / Cost 5,000 - 30,000 rubles.
    A popular annual festival gathering about 300 mobile application developers and mobile Internet experts. The concept of the event involves a close combination of a business section and a conference for software developers, individual master classes, active sports and evening entertainment.

    Conference European Conference on Information Retrieval

    Moscow / 03.24.2013 / Cost 100 - 500 €.
    The program includes more than a hundred research presentations and reports from scientists and practitioners from around the world. The conference will feature scientists from leading universities in Europe, USA, South America, Asia, as well as companies and industrial laboratories such as Twitter, Yahoo! Labs, Microsoft Research, Ebay, IBM Research, and Yandex. In addition, the program includes workshops and Industry Day. The full program can be viewed on the site.

    CodeFest Festival

    Novosibirsk / 03.30.2013 / 4 800 rub.
    CodeFest is a developer conference dedicated to current issues of development, project management and testing.

    AgileDays Conference

    Moscow / 03/29/2013 / Cost 7,400 - 26,500 rubles.
    ScrumTrek and the AgileRussia community are pleased to invite you to participate in the 7th international Russian-language conference on the latest approaches in software development. Conference for developers, testers, managers, all those who work in the software development industry.

    II. Testers

    Conference Selenium Camp 2013

    Kiev / 1.03.2013 / Cost 1 100 -1800 UAH.
    The conference is entirely devoted to the product for testing Selenium web applications. Selenium Camp is a conference whose goal is to bring together everyone who uses Selenium in one way or another.

    QAClubConf 1.2 Conference : Security Testing

    Kharkiv / 03/23/2013 / Cost 350 - 600 UAH.
    Security testing is an unexplored area. Who will be interested? In addition to testers, PMs, admins, and programmers are also invited.

    III. Junior

    Android SDK Course

    St. Petersburg / 1.03.2013 / Cost 15,000 - 18,000 rubles.
    This intensive course will help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for developing software for the Android platform. The purpose of the course: to obtain the necessary basic skills for creating and testing mobile applications for the Android platform.

    1st Open Robotics Championship

    Naberezhnye Chelny / 2.03.2013 / Participation is free.
    This competition is a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the field of robotics using LEGO, a chance to prove themselves and win valuable prizes. Teams of educational institutions of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny who use LEGO and other designers to study robotics are allowed to participate in the championship. The age of participants must not exceed 17 years.

    Sysadmin School Course

    St. Petersburg / 03/05/2013 / Participation is free.
    A special educational part created by Microsoft and Digital Design to train the elite cadres of advanced IT departments. Being accepted to the Sysadmin School is not so simple. Only the best of the best, having passed the most difficult individual selection, get here. But it’s even more difficult to complete your studies at the School and become a real systems engineer.

    Course How to create an Android application and promote it to the masses?

    St. Petersburg / 03/05/2013 / Cost 3,000 - 15,000 rubles.
    At coaching to promote Android applications, you will learn: what factors when creating an application will affect user ratings ?; what should be considered first of all when starting the application ?; how to make an application so that Google puts it in the first position ?; how to promote the application so that it becomes known to the masses of people? ..

    Olympics Networking Basics

    Yekaterinburg / 03/22/2013 / Cost 0 - 500 rubles.
    The aim is to develop students 'creative abilities, increase their educational level in the field of network information technologies, identify students' training level, consolidate and deepen knowledge and skills acquired in the process of theoretical, practical and professional training, stimulate creative growth, increase the prestige of educational institutions, identify gifted youth and the formation of human resources for research and production activities in Russia.

    IV. Start-up

    Hackathon Garage48

    Minsk / 1.03.2013 / Cost 20 euros. The
    event, designed for 48 hours on weekends, reserved for participants so that they can present business ideas, get expert mentors and hear feedback from investors, form a team - and as a result present a prototype of their project.

    SUMIT International Startup School

    St. Petersburg / 03/10/2013 / Cost 0 - 30 000 rubles.
    Educational program on technological entrepreneurship, in which 20 projects will take part in the early stages of development from Russia, France, Finland, and the USA. SUMIT will provide six-week teams with equipped jobs, mentor and expert support, English language instruction from Hop & Scotch, and an intensive entrepreneurship lecture and workshop course developed by RIS Ventures. According to the results of the school, the best projects will receive venture financing and places in the iDealMachine business accelerator.

    V. Design

    Global Service Jam Tournament

    Krasnodar / 01.032013 / 300 rub.
    This is a hackathon for designers. In 48 hours to come up with, create a design and make a prototype of a completely new service. For inspiration, a global theme will be announced. By the end of the weekend, March 3, a collection of new, unique services will be published worldwide on a global platform.

    Master class Digital drawing mastery

    Moscow / 03.03.2013 / Cost of 4,000 rubles.
    Three famous artists will deliver thematic lectures and answer questions from the audience. The program of the event: Sam Nelson's lecture "Character Design, Cartoon Style"; Lecture by Denis Zilber “Understanding the physics of light. Diffuse and directional lighting, reflexes and exposure. A simple way to create physically correct stage lighting ”; Lecture by Serge Biro "Modern pin-up illustration, features of the author's style on the example of one of his works."

    Unity 3d course

    St. Petersburg / 03/19/2013 / Cost 22,000 - 25,000 rubles
    This course is designed for people who want to learn the unity3d game engine, which is modern and rapidly gaining popularity. The course program is designed in such a way that theoretical knowledge is immediately applied - during the training, students Develop a full-fledged game, breaking into small groups.

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