Best Android Mobile Development Apps

    I’m sure that not only me, but most of those present here feel as if without mobile devices as without hands. Fortunately, we are living in a time when mobile development is becoming the norm, and more and more really convenient applications are entering the market, with which you can not only correct the line of code, but also fully continue working on your project.

    Under the cut, I’ll give a list of applications for Android devices that will allow you to effectively engage in development from your mobile device from anywhere in the world.

    If you're looking for the perfect text source code editor for your tablet or phone, it's hard to recommend anything better than DroidEdit. Syntax highlighting of languages, including C, C ++, HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby, Python and many others.

    The cost of 60 rubles.
    A free trial version of the

    Programmer Keyboard is available. Writing a
    line of code on a mobile device can be awesome. PHP programmers must appreciate this keyboard, with autocomplete for all PHP commands, as well as the undo and redo functions. It also has the Ctrl, Alt and arrow keys!

    After installation, you need to add this keyboard through the settings of your device.


    kWS Web-Server app
    A lightweight and fast (and free) web server for your phone. You can host websites, or you can use FTP access. Uses HTTP-1.0. Many other interesting features. Recommend.

    There is a PRO version for 80 rubles.

    There are plenty of applications for attendance analytics on the market, however, my favorite is gAnalytic, an excellent interface, speed and usability.

    The price is 150 rubles.

    AndFTP An
    excellent mast-hep FTP client in Russian, with the ability to access the file system of your phone. Rescued me more than once!

    Price 160 rub.

    This application should be liked by developers of mobile applications for Android. It is compatible with the Eclipse project and makes it easy to transfer your application projects from your work computer to your phone. It is also compatible with Dropbox.

    Free View Web Source App

    Do you like to dig someone else's source code to see "how is it done with them"? That way. We drive in the URL of the site of interest and see what's under its hood.

    The application is free.

    HC-16C Programmer's Calculator
    An excellent emulator of a well-known calculator. Programmable, in addition to division / addition / multiplication / subtraction, has many useful functions that are useful to programmers.

    The cost of 202 rubles.

    Syntax Highlighted Code Editor
    Another editor for a number of languages ​​(including CoffeeScript, Haskel, Clojure, among others) that can highlight syntax, search / replace, undo / redo. You can see the result of your work without leaving the application.


    C4droid App
    If your main language is C, then this compiler will definitely come in handy. The application uses GCC, and, according to users, it works on a 4+ phone.

    Price 91 rub.

    Powerful and open SSH client. Cope with multiple sessions and more.


    Wordpress for Android app.
    Manage and replenish your WordPress site with ease with this free app.

    Java Quick Reference Cards Java cheat
    sheets for learners (or recalls) of the language. The average rating is 4, there are negative reviews, but they don’t take money for it, so why not?

    Free C Programming Reference FREE app

    Another set of free cheat sheets, this time for learners C. The

    app is free

    JavaScript Reference A
    free set of cheat sheets for JS. No comments.

    The application is free.

    As you can see, full mobilization is just around the corner, and it is becoming easier and easier to create and administer your projects. What mobile development apps do you use?

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