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    imgWe want to introduce you to the new geographic information project .
    The project is an ideological one. His goal is to make a quality service that helps friends meet more often and receive discounts at your favorite establishments, and establishments to increase their attendance. Unfortunately, the base of places is formed only for St. Petersburg and is not accessible to residents of other cities. For clarity and location, Yandex Maps are used.
    At the launch stage, some feedback and comments from close friends and colleagues were collected, but we want to get a more objective assessment from a wide audience of the habr.

    We would like to share all the experience gained in one publication at once, but it is difficult to do this. Therefore, there will be a brief overview of the problems that the project is trying to solve.

    It will be about discounts, places, people and their communication.

    Let's start with the main thing - our friends

    1. The main problem today is that people spend a lot of time on the Internet. Live meetings with friends are becoming rare. The world around us becomes like letters and avatars. Therefore, right now people need meetings and lively emotions.
    2. The second important issue is inappropriate communication tools with friends. The fact is that it is not always possible to call all friends: night time, lack of personal time or high emotional costs of communicating with each other interfere with meetings. The same can be said about messengers and SMS messages. Therefore, you need a simple tool to quickly alert friends about the desire to relax.
    3. The third important issue is the time-consuming process of gathering friends for a joint holiday. Even if you want to relax, you need to gather a company for a long time: persuade someone, lure someone, negotiate and even impose. Be sure to have to make great efforts. In addition, there are few organizers among ordinary people. Such people would need “something” that quickly and without extra costs would help to organize a meeting.

    Places - bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, tea houses and other establishments

    1. The institutions existed, exist and will continue to have a problem with attendance. This problem is expressed in a dense stream of visitors on weekends, and a weak stream on other days. It forces institutions to introduce forced savings and forced restrictions, which inevitably lead to a decrease in overall economic efficiency. A few examples: early closing on weekdays, weekends on Mondays, uneven workloads during the day, congestion or unloaded staff becomes a problem for establishments and their visitors. Institutions should receive the necessary flow of visitors, and visitors should receive comfort in a broad sense.
    2. It should be noted that many institutions are poorly computerized and integrated into social networks. Hence the problem with delivering information to their own customers - the announcement of promotions, special offers. As a rule, everything is limited to e-mail and SMS-mailings according to your own loyalty programs. Institutions need additional and simple tools for mass communication and integration into social networks.

    Discounts - the main driver of the relationship between places and visitors

    1. The institutions already use such tools to stimulate and control the flow of visitors, such as discounts, special offers and promotions. A related problem is their current complexity and lack of visibility. Many conventions and restrictions become a significant obstacle, and therefore complicate the relationship between the institution and their visitors. Well-known examples - a discount is given only for limited positions, a discount is given at a specific time interval, a discount on the amount of the check or the purchase volume. We are for people to get obvious discount conditions, without tricks. The new format of the discount offer suggests itself.
    2. Despite the desire to find a new understandable format for visitors, the necessary interest and practicality for institutions should also be considered. For example, it is not profitable for them to provide a single daily pass-through discount on everything and absolutely all visitors. This pushes them to the constant search for an effective, powerful and inexpensive tool.


    That is why an attempt was made to find such a mutually beneficial solution for everyone. It turned out to be hybrid and took shape in an online discount system with moving discounts - Vossiss.ru .

    For users it has become possible:

    • get information about discounts valid until the end of the day
    • quickly notify friends about the desire to relax today
    • independently choose a place, create an event there and invite friends
    • share photos from past meetings and vote for your favorite

    For institutions it became possible:

    • communication with the target audience
    • manage the flow of visitors through the discount size
    • organize and share interesting events

    We remind you that the project is a pilot. Now reviews are being collected, a database of places participating in the discount system is being formed, the first discounts are connected and the first discount cards are dealt.

    We are grateful to everyone who showed interest. If possible, we ask you to leave your vote in the survey and / or comments - this is important for us.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    How do you like the idea of ​​the project?

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    • 30.7% There are already many 48
    • 46.7% Dislike 73

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