MSTU named after Bauman launches the discipline "Operating Systems" based on ReactOS

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    The text of this topic will be a little longer than the message on Twitter, but, it seems to me, the news itself is of great importance.

    At the January meeting of ReactOS developers, the protocol of which was recently published on the official website, in addition to discussing participation in the upcoming CLT2013, launching a new website, extending the donation collection campaign and introducing the UDF file system, imageAlexey Bragin made an important announcement. Alexei announced that he accepted the invitation from Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 2013 to become a teacher at this university and teach a course on operating systems with ReactOS as a subject and an example for study .

    All sympathizers and comers are invited to leave their suggestions and wishes on the content of the training course here in the comments or in Alexey's personal messages.

    PS I specifically did not give a single external link here, hoping that the moderators would not transfer this material to the closed blog “I am PR”. I think the address of our site is well known to everyone.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Would you like to take part in such a course and, if so, in what capacity?

    • 12.6% Student 243
    • 50.6% Listener 975
    • 0.1% Assistant in the preparation of lecture material 3
    • 1% Assistant in the preparation of practical exercises 21
    • 35.4% I do not want 682

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