Apple's social financial network or how to become a walking ATM

Dear friends, there has been talk for a long time that alternative methods of settlements between people are coming, that financial instruments will soon change. New social financial networks are being created and there is room for giants too.

It has recently been announced that Google and Apple will create their own banks, and here is

one of the first steps Apple is taking. Yes, exactly APPLE.

Apple is offering an application under the complex name of “ad-hoc cash-dispensing network”.
In fact, the user is going to make mobile ATMs.

A user who urgently needs a certain amount of money launches the application and writes his request that he needs cash.

Users of nearby Apple smartphones with this app are prompted for financial assistance.

Users see the request and if they want to voluntarily help, they contact the one who left the request, meet on the ground and in a personal meeting, cash is transferred to the one who asked.
After that, the one who requested help confirms in the application that he received help - received cash on hand. At that moment, an equal amount is deducted from the requestor's account in iTunes in favor of the one who gave cash.

The “transfer commission” or for using the service will also be written off. So to speak for mediation in favor of Apple.

It is worth noting that at times, cash is needed like air. Of course, it’s difficult to call it mutual assistance, but it’s for sure that it is help in a difficult situation, for example, in another country.


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If Google and Apple set up their banks, to whom do you trust the funds?

  • 18.6% Apple 192
  • 38.9% Google 400
  • 55.8% I will leave in place 574

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