Anti-GTD or Procrastination Medication

    I have long been interested in the techniques of GTD, time management, and personal efficiency. They really allow you to do things. But all the time there was some dissatisfaction. Then I realized that it is very important to choose the right direction of self-realization. Otherwise, using these techniques you can run very far, but not in the wrong direction. All this gives rise to frustration, the search for wonderful tools, that’s even a whole term of procrastination appeared.

    How to finally get rid of self-violence in the form of these endless techniques? Do what you want!
    If more detailed, then it is usually advised to work at the intersection of several areas - do:
    1. what you want
    2. what do you have talent for
    3. what serves the benefit of people
    4. what makes money.

    This is just perfect self-realization!

    But how to do it? This is usually not talked about or uncertainly gives some general advice. I dug for a long time and still found some methodology.

    Life Mission Search Technique

    1. As much as possible to explore yourself, consider your character from all sides.

    To do this, you can use the following tools:

    2. To identify areas of a possible direction of development.

    I took the finished classification :
    • the science,
    • business,
    • religion,
    • art,
    • politics,
    • teacher
    • healing.

    Each of these areas suits a particular person as fully as possible. And one cannot say that one of them is generally vicious.

    3. To think about how the character traits from clause 1 will appear in each sphere from clause 2.

    For example, I have such a character that a balanced, good-natured, rational attitude under external pressure becomes dictatorship. Thus, politics and religion are contraindicated to me. I can leave my efforts in these areas only as a hobby. I will not be able to fully realize it, it will be too difficult for me and for those around me.
    In each area, you need to write how exactly you can prove yourself there, indicating specific professions.

    4. Prioritize the list obtained in clause 3.

    To rank the importance of classes, so we get both work and hobbies.

    End result: a prioritized list of specific steps for self-realization.

    Pros :
    • getting rid of doubts (“what should I do”) releases energy for self-realization;
    • getting rid of procrastination, self-kicks, well, the maximum is to hang an analysis on the wall for
      You just understand that this is your life mission. Well, how can you not do this? And why force yourself if it brings great pleasure?
    • lack of envy. If someone has success, then you just rejoice for him. Not for success in itself, it is secondary, but for the fact that a person fully realizes himself. You realize yourself in your field, so it makes no sense to envy.
    • lack of pride. You just realize the potential inherent in nature - how can one be proud here?
    • it becomes just easier and calmer to live.

    I am not one of those who take a big risk. Therefore, the transition to a new way of life went smoothly. But still, almost a year has passed since I quit my job, doing my startup, I have family life and hobbies. I am satisfied.

    What's next?

    It remains to implement the methodology. And especially to monitor harmony so that the work that will now be high does not take up all the time.


    Applying the methodology, we close the first two areas: we learn our own desires and our talents. Work for the benefit of people is a matter of purely personal choice to the extent of their understanding of this very good. Money is likely to come as a result of success in their area of ​​implementation. If not, you will have to use marketing gadgets to monetize your efforts.

    Costs of time: 2-3 years for introspection, 3-4 evenings for applying the technique to oneself, a couple of days for pondering an article, 3 hours for writing an article.
    The best thanks would be if at least one person spends 2-3 evenings after work to apply this technique to himself. I am sure the result will be pleasant.

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