I2P network accelerated

    Recently, various laws have been introduced in Russia to limit the freedom of speech of a person, including on the Internet.

    Unfortunately, there are no methods to combat such arbitrariness (more precisely, there are, but nobody wants to go to jail?) , But in our world there are ways to circumvent these or those rules.

    One good example of this workaround is the anonymous I2P network.
    Many have heard about it, and some may have tried it themselves, but unfortunately, previous versions of the official client of the network worked very slowly .

    This prompted the abandonment of the use of this network.
    But in the latest version 0.9.4, (released 2012-12-17) there have been dramatic changes in the speed of the anonymous network.

    Due to the fact that many people are too busy to install and configure the client for the I2P network, I decided to make a short video that shows the network speed after the update.

    PS For access to the network, Dual Access is used (direct Internet access to Internet and to i2p sites through the client) it is implemented through Privoxy, if anyone is interested in it, I can tell in the next article.

    List of changes in the new version of I2P
    Official site of the I2P project

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