Nokia begins work with graphene

Original author: Dara Kerr
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Forget about diamonds, graphene is now the most durable material in the world. And all the developers already want to "twist it in their hands." It seems Nokia wants to be the first in the graphene race. A Finnish phone maker said today that it has received $ 1.35 billion from the European Union for research on supermaterial over 10 years.

“Nokia is proud to be involved in this project, and we also have a lot of groundwork in this area - we first worked with graphene in 2006,” says CTO Nokia Henry Tirri. “Since then, we have been looking for areas of modern computer technology in which we could apply new material. We have already come a long way, but I’m sure that the greatest discoveries are yet to come. ”

In addition to the fact that graphene is the strongest substance (300 times stronger than steel), it also has a number of specific properties. It is also the thinnest material discovered by man, only one atom in thickness, and also the lightest. It is made of two-dimensional crystals and looks like an adhesive tape, only infinitely thinner. Graphene is also transparent, conducts electricity better than copper and bends in any way, taking any form.

Using graphene, Nokia will be able to create incredibly lightweight, durable and less prone to overheating devices.

“In working with graphene, we have reached a turning point. We are on the verge of a graphene revolution, ”says Jani Kivioja, research supervisor at Nokia Research Center. “Previously, we discovered a cheap way to produce metal, which led to an industrial revolution. Then there was silicon. It is graphene’s turn. ”

Cambridge University Video on Graphene Properties:

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