From Iphone plan to make a computer mouse

    Spicebox has announced a project to create a device that allows you to use the iPhone as a touch computer mouse. To implement the plan, you need to raise $ 150 thousand. Currently, Spicebox is creating a fully working prototype of Mauz, which so far offers only part of the declared functionality.

    The device is connected to the iPhone using a 30-pin connector, communication with the computer is via Wi-Fi, the control elements are displayed on the smartphone screen - buttons and a wheel that the user can operate (additional buttons can be “programmed”). For accurate positioning, Mauz uses a low-power laser.

    In addition, the developers plan to use the position sensors built into the iPhone, and then the device can be used by analogy with the wireless controller for the Wii console.

    Also, the front camera, which will allow you to interact with the computer using gestures (navigate Google maps, for example), will not go unnoticed.
    According to Spicebox, the new product is almost ready - it remains only to create the device’s case and modify the software.

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