MeCam - a flying camera for $ 49

    The new miniature quadrocopter MeCam , recently introduced by Always Innovating , is able to change our ideas about the methods of video and photography. MeCam is a Linux-based flying camera that controls voice and transfers photos and videos via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to iOS or an Android device with the possibility of subsequent publication on Youtube, Google+, Facebook or Twitter. Also, as an alternative to voice control, the Follow Me function is supported, in which the quadrocopter relentlessly follows the user, focusing on the signal from his smartphone or tablet. The device has 14 built-in sensors that allow you to overcome obstacles on your own, there is a stabilization system for obtaining a smooth image and the possibility of panoramic shooting.

     The heart of the device is the world's smallest SoC Cortex A9 with a frequency of 1.0-1.5 GHz, the memory capacity is 1 GB, there is support for SD cards and connections via Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5 GHz or Bluetooth. Three algorithms are used to stabilize the camera image - 2 Auto-Pilots and Unique Video Stabilize by Morpho.

    It is stated that MeCam is based on the concepts of Open Source and Open Hardware. Unfortunately, so far nothing has been reported on such basic characteristics as the parameters of the built-in camera and battery life, but, I think, MeCam is unlikely to be able to work for more than 5-10 minutes on a single charge.

     MeCam quadcopter will certainly be appreciated by bloggers and travel enthusiasts, because, compared to Ar.Drone, it is a very compact tool for shooting landscapes from a height.

     Always Innovation does not intend to manufacture MeCam, instead it offers this product on a licensed basis, and the first license can be issued in the first quarter of 2014, while MeCam is still under development, being a prototype, and will be patented in the near future . It is estimated that the final cost of MeCam will not exceed $ 49.

     On February 22 at the Embedded Linux Conference 2013 , the report “Lessons Learned in Designing a Self-video Self-hovering Nano Copter” will be presented , in which Gregoire Gentil from Always Innovating will talk about the implementation details of this quadrocopter.

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