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Hi, Habr! We are pleased to say that Quantum Katas was created - an open project that helps to study quantum computing and the Q # language at a comfortable pace. By the way, all the exercises are done in such a way as to give feedback immediately after execution. Details under the cut!

Microsoft's quantum programming group

Kata is a handy tool for learning our Q # programming language. The whole process of obtaining new knowledge is based on several simple paradigms: vigorous learning, a gradual increase in workload and instant feedback.

Microsoft Quantum Katas ("Quantum Kata") - a series of tutorials for self-study. Each of them is aimed at the simultaneous development of quantum computing and Q # programming. All exercises consist of a set of tasks on a specific topic of quantum computing, both simple and complex. Each task requires writing code: for the simplest tasks, usually only one line is required, and for complex tasks a large fragment. The testing environment verifies the answers, giving feedback immediately.

Working with Quantum Katas in Visual Studio

Programming Tournaments are another great way to test and improve your quantum programming skills. We recently held the first Q # programming contest and are pleased to share some great results with you. In the warm-up round, which was held a week before the main competition, more than 650 participants from around the world took part. At the same time, more than half of them, 350 people, solved at least one task, and 100 coped with all fifteen! The winner dealt with all tasks in less than 2.5 hours. You can find and study all the tasks of the competition at the links below. These tasks are also included in Quantum Katas, so you can solve them at your own pace.

We will be very happy to know that the Quantum Katas project helps you in studying Q # and quantum programming. By the way, we continue to expand the coverage of topics in the project, and therefore look forward to your feedback and comments!

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